Baby on the Go

Since I’m going to be having a summer baby, I cannot imagine myself wanting to sit in the house all day long. I’m going to want to be out walking on a nice day or going somewhere at least just to get away from the house at times. So with that being said, there are certain items that will make life a lot easier being on the go with a little one in tow!

Carriers: sure, it’s easy to pop a baby into a stroller, right? But I love the idea of a carrier and being able to go for long walks without having the bulk of lugging the stroller around. Check out this fabulous baby sling from lilpeeperkeepers. She’s got a ton of different ones in all colors – so stylish!


Now there are sometimes when it’s going to be necessary to take along a stroller, so let’s look at some accessories to make  stroller life a little nicer:

A universal stroller caddy: fits right onto any stroller. Big enough to hold all the essentials you’ll need but not too big and bulky.

 Grab this awesome one from Malama Baby here on etsy . She’s got a cool matching diaper & wipes clutch too!

Pacifier/ Snack bag: I love love love this! A reusable little bag that can be used to hold pacifiers or snacks while on the go!

This is the exact one I bought last week actually, I love the cute owl print! This is from TheClubHouse

Insulated Baby Bottle Bag also from TheClubHouse. This comes personalized for your kiddo – how cool is that?


Cap and Bootie Set: How cute is this? Perfect for that day out :) This handmade set can be found at etsy by Love’s Handmade Creations.


Car seat strap belt clips: More comfortable for little heads when they fall asleep and lean over onto the straps.

Pacifier clips: perfect so that you never drop that pacifier again!



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